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A Realtors job in not an easy one. We know all the balls that you juggle everyday. Showing homes, scheduling appointments, inspections, contractors, etc. We know that your job is hard and we appreciate everything that you do!

To show our appreciation we have created check lists for you to Download and help make your job easier! Below are download links to lists designed with you in mind.

Sellers Inspection Check List

Sellers Inspection Check List

Eliminate the 3 ring binder inspection reports with “The Seller Inspection Check List”. We have designed The Seller Inspection Check List to help your client get a cleaner inspection report. Simply download and give the check list to your client before their inspection.

Realtor Cheet Sheet

Realtor Cheat Sheet

Your “Realtor Cheat Sheet” is to provide you with common problems and typical life spans with components throughout homes. What type of plumbing is in the home? Want to know the years common plumbing piping was used and the defects that have been caused? This sheet can help you educate your clients.

Top 12 Free Apps For Realtors

Top 12 Free Apps For Realtors

Top 12 Free Apps For Realtors! Find cheap gas, call clients voicemail directly or schedule an inspection on the fly using our Home Inspection Carolina App! 

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